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How to Install a Wireless Router (for Beginner)

Thank you for reading in this website.. If you are a beginner, it's not easy to choose the best wireless router for your needs. Well, in this article, you will find a short video about "how to choose the best wifi router". After you watch this video, you can hunt your router confidently. Don't forget to share this to your friends or bookmark this page for future visit. Enjoy and have a nice day.

Which one do you have ??

AC3200 ULTRA Wireless Router TRI-band Review

The AC3200 ULTRA Wi-Fi Router is a TRI-band wifi where it has 2.4GHz wireless bands that can delivers speeds up to 600Mbps and it's perfect for surfing online web, skype or even share our printers to other devices. It also has 2 separate 5GHz wireless bands which delivers a total of 1.3k Mbps that can operates at the same time. With this high speed connection, you can enjoy online video or 4k media streaming from multiple devies and more online gaming without lag at all.

Here are some key features of this router ;

Smart Beam Forming

The devices can improves the signal coverage because it can direct the bandwidth to your devices, no matter if you are moving around the house. You can stream easily high definition videos, surfing the internet, chat with your friends or family on skype and play game online from wherever you are. All in all, you will get the best speed and experience as well.

Controlling Your Network Will be Much Easier

Yes, the manufacturer make it easier. In addition its simple user interface, the network can be controlled easier by enabling parental controls feature, you can also blocks unwanted devices, watch your internet activity and even you can create separate wifi networks for guests.

More Antennas hits More Coverage

This wireless router bring six external antenna and all antennas can stays at their performance to keep all your wifi-enable devices (smartphones, tablet, AV Receiver, game consoles, smartTVs, etc) connected to the Internet with stronger wireless coverage and with exellent performance too.

Other features include Remote Access and management where the entire networks can be managed directly from your smartphones and tablets. Also it's powered by 1GHz dual core processor to ensure the router speed on your network will be faster and powerful, USB 3.0 can also be found inside it, speed hits 10x faster than old USB 2.0.

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